Forum: Intellectual Spaces

“Intellectual Spaces” provides a venue for exploring and evaluating those institutional centers in which social conventions condense and become organized structures. Such spaces include the political and the academic, yet the sedimentation of social conventions extends beyond these establishments, including a spectrum as broad as marketplaces and religions, professional sports and nonprofits. This forum is therefore concerned with any institutional force that influences our everyday lives and organizes them under collective structures. How and why do they do so? What sort of ethos allows these institutions to gain consent and control? How do we evaluate their demands and navigate their authority?

“Intellectual Spaces” explores such questions by analyzing a spectrum of institutional forces. A representative sampling of the scope of this forum includes:

  • alternative marketplaces
  • academic politics
  • state surveillance
  • corporate interventions in public policy
  • environmental ethics
  • the business of sports
  • bioethics
  • the administration of local politics




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