Forum: Cultural Interventions

Often too easily dismissed as a conversation regarding ends (the show, the book, the dish), cultural production is instead a keenly active force within society. What drives our collective desire for ever-more music, art, theatre, literature, television, food, comedy, fashion, and games (video or otherwise), is that these forms of culture not only represent but help to shape our everyday existence. For that reason, “Cultural Interventions” is interested in the ways in which culture (pop or otherwise) informs our economics, politics, even our daily judgments.  Our contributors analyze this productive force and invite our readers to point us in unexplored directions. If you’re wanting to contribute, we’re looking for topics such as:

  • Cultural representations of class
  • Filmic and televised accounts of social problems
  • Contemporary book reviews
  • The plastic arts
  • Online forms of the production of cultural knowledge
  • Music
  • Craft culture




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