"Big Oil Disruption: Elon Musk is the Real Iron Man" by Jerry Mooney

"[L]ike the dinosaurs, who ironically created the fuels for these corporate giants, the fossil fuel industry may be facing a sudden, meteoric demise."

"You Can’t Whistle Past Dixie: How The Democrats’ Implosion in the South Hurts Progressivism" by Bert Clere

"[O]ther than holding the White House, Democrats aren’t doing much better outside the former Confederacy than within it. Writing off the South helps ensure regressive government in the here and now." (Image by Ron Cogswell.)

Ethos Volume 2, Issue 2

What do Big Data, reality TV, and Beasts of the Southern Wild all have in common? They're all discussed in the latest issue of Ethos!

"Q&A: Humane Advice for the Humanities #18" by Laura Broom

"I went straight from college to graduate school, and now I’m about to teach my first class. Since I haven’t had a job other than 'student' before now, I’m a bit uncertain how to look the part."

"The Martian (2015): Wonder in the Age of Utility" by Katya Gorecki

"Through Watney’s upbeat goofiness and the incongruous backdrop of disco, The Martian revels in a kind of optimism not seen in most recent science fiction blockbusters..."
Forum: Cultural Interventions

Forum: Cultural Interventions

“Cultural Interventions” is interested in the ways in which culture (pop or otherwise) informs our economics, politics, and our daily judgments.
Forum: Intellectual Spaces

Forum: Intellectual Spaces

“Intellectual Spaces” explores those institutional centers in which social conventions condense and become organized structures.
Ethos Journal

Ethos Journal

Our journal serves as a venue for public intellectuals to consider the arts and humanities as powerful forces that help to configure our economics, politics, and everyday existence.
Ethos is a collective of critics, scholars, and public intellectuals at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This digital project provides a space for debating—and indeed producing—powerful cultural ideas through our weekly forums and a semiannual, peer-reviewed journal.

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