"Seeing Pictures of Dead People: Representing Trauma" by Sarah Boyd

"Do we look at such photographs as voyeurs, making the experience vaguely exploitative or pornographic? Do we turn away, refusing to look out of respect for the dead? Or do we force ourselves to look, despite the discomfort, so we can know and feel for these people?"

"Abolishing Deserve" by Rhys Southan

"We should beware 'bros' trying to inform us what they deserve, but could we go further and get rid of 'deserve' entirely?"

"That’s What We Read #3: Ben Marcus, Leaving the Sea: Stories" by Sam Bednarchik, Bridget Donnelly, and Anneke Schwob

"Sam Bednarchik, Bridget Donnelly, and Anneke Schwob review and discuss Ben Marcus’ new collection, Leaving the Sea: Stories."

"The Interview Controversy and Orientalism" by Dongwoo Kim

"North Korea is funnier and weirder to us because it’s Asian. The concept of a wacky ruler and servile people who unquestionably follow his crazy orders perfectly fits into the Orientalist discourse that exoticizes the Other . . ."

"Librarianship: A Philosophical Investigation" by Kevin Michael Klipfel

"[E]nough people who actually want to become librarians are sufficiently in the dark about the nature of the profession that many Information and Library Science graduate programs explicitly require their prospective applicants to state in their applications what interests them about the field other than loving books."

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