"About (Kimmy) Schmidt" by Ani Govjian

"Outside the bounds of the show, the audience is not free from the very problems, institutions, and individuals who would impose upon it."

"Deep Time, Decline, and Nostalgia: A Conversation on Time with Jonathan Sachs and Noah Heringman" by Ben Murphy and Travis Alexander

"Travis, Ben, Jonathan, and Noah discuss the implications of the way in which natural time and historical time variously overlap or clash at specific historical junctures."

"Choosing the Write App" by Katherine Walker

"I, like most writers embarking on a longer project, needed something that could capture the larger picture while also allowing me to zoom in on particular pieces. I’ve discovered many organization, writing, and editing apps that might be helpful to those looking for new, and perhaps more intuitive, ways to be productive."

"Shame on Me" by David Roby

"We are the United States of America, not the Divided. And until every state follows suit, we are potentially putting more individuals into a closet full of shame and self-loathing. Let them out! Let them be themselves! Let them live shame-free! I truly believe it will save someone’s life. I know it saved mine."

"Five Great Short Works for Women’s History Month" by Ben Railton

"Here are five wonderful, available online, and short-enough-to-read-in-a-sitting classics of American women’s writing."

Forum: Cultural Interventions

“Cultural Interventions” is interested in the ways in which culture (pop or otherwise) informs our economics, politics, and our daily judgments.

Forum: Intellectual Spaces

“Intellectual Spaces” explores those institutional centers in which social conventions condense and become organized structures.

Ethos Journal

Our journal serves as a venue for public intellectuals to consider the arts and humanities as powerful forces that help to configure our economics, politics, and everyday existence.
Ethos is a collective of critics, scholars, and public intellectuals at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This digital project provides a space for debating—and indeed producing—powerful cultural ideas through our weekly forums and a semiannual, peer-reviewed journal.

Interested in writing for Ethos? We're seeking contributions from authors interested in topics about the arts, humanities, or public ethics. Many of our contributors are faculty members at universities, graduate students, artists, teachers, or regular bloggers. We welcome interesting topics and posts for consideration. Our weekly forum posts typically run from 300-700 words. If you would like to submit a post, please email Ben Mangrum (bmangrum@email.unc.edu) or Katie Walker (walkerkn@email.unc.edu) with an idea or post.