"Is Bernie Sanders The Most Electable Democrat?" by Bert Clere

"The core of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy appeals to those who want the government to take much bolder action on income inequality than it currently is."

“'You Do It Because He’s Brilliant': The End of the Tour" by Kenneth Lota

"We are able to see how interdependent the personal and the artistic are for Wallace: the man who lives in the modest house with the two dogs and the Alanis Morissette poster is the same man who wrote so powerfully about addiction and entertainment and sadness in Infinite Jest." (Image by Tyler Merbler.)

"What Death Doesn’t Touch: The Short Fiction of Dustin Heron" by Kevin Michael Klipfel

"The first thing you’ll want to know about Dustin Heron is that the guy literally was born in Paradise. He’s not particular grateful for this fact."

"An Interview with Yasmin Solomonescu” by Taras Mikhailiuk

"Many Romantic writers, [Solomonescu] explains, were interested in cultivating particular states of mind in their audiences, but at the same time deeply suspicious of dogmatism and sophistry.”

"The Truer Detective" by David Andrew Tow

"Every moment is pregnant with the potential for action and violence. Yet, like Beckett characters, they are left waiting. Until, suddenly, they’re not." (Image by Bryce David.)
Forum: Cultural Interventions

Forum: Cultural Interventions

“Cultural Interventions” is interested in the ways in which culture (pop or otherwise) informs our economics, politics, and our daily judgments.
Forum: Intellectual Spaces

Forum: Intellectual Spaces

“Intellectual Spaces” explores those institutional centers in which social conventions condense and become organized structures.
Ethos Journal

Ethos Journal

Our journal serves as a venue for public intellectuals to consider the arts and humanities as powerful forces that help to configure our economics, politics, and everyday existence.
Ethos is a collective of critics, scholars, and public intellectuals at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This digital project provides a space for debating—and indeed producing—powerful cultural ideas through our weekly forums and a semiannual, peer-reviewed journal.

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