"Preludes" by Leslie Bazzett

"He watched her foot reach from the car, something inside chiming a warning; her small black ankle boot crunching the gravel. In this way, slowly, he found her the same."

"The Lives of the Pioneers" by Alyssa Knickerbocker

"She wondered if everyone felt this way, after such a thing: holding a person’s hands in your own and promising to love him until you die, the whole time watching the thoughts flicker in his eyes like figures moving behind a closed curtain, and understanding right then that you will never really know him, that he will always be a stranger to you."

"An Interview with Bas van der Vossen" by Jon Lawless

"After describing his 'market friendly' thinking, van der Vossen discusses the state of philosophical libertarianism and issues of political legitimacy and property rights."

"Renaissance Language-Learning: An Experiment" by Katherine Walker

"[H]ow did early modern individuals approach learning a foreign language? What types of mindset were involved in, for example, an English gentleman’s desire to learn French or Spanish or a woman’s quest to master Greek?"

"How to Deal with Assholes" by Kevin Michael Klipfel

"Want to reduce the asshole’s power? Have values."

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